Hotel Silver Pine Boutique hotel Facilities :

Bookings are dependent on the quality of service and that we must maintain. Our facilities are among the best and are upgraded in accordance to the latest trend in services or needs. Here are some of the main facilities that we have assembled at your service.

WiFi Connectivity

So, that while you are on a vacation or tour you is perfectly in touch with the important aspects of your life back home.

Uncut Power Supply

We have backup which makes sure that there is never a power cut which could be very inappropriate during your stay.

24/7 Assistance

Assisting you with problems that may arise during your luxury stay with us. We assist you without anything that may matter to you.


Superb display amenity so that you or your family do not miss any tv shows or matches that may fall during your stay.


Quick and prompt laundry services so that you maintain your clean standards nomatter for how any days you stay with us.

Quality AC Rooms

When it’s quite hot outside, our rooms can be really soothing and provide you the chill that makes your stay, Cool.

Hot and Cold Water

We provide stay with continue water and choices of both hot and cold water to suit your variety of preferences.

Varied Cuisines

A long list of cuisines so that you can try the local flavors or just eat just like you would eat at home.

Conference Hall

A modern well equipped Conference hall that supports around 100 people at a time.

Restro and Bar

Come and indulge in the cozy ambiance of our well stocked bar and multi cuisine restaurant.

Pick Up and Drop

We also offer convenient pick up and drop facilities to and from the airport or any other point as discussed.

Other Services

The list of items you may need can be endless but we attempt to bring it all together to level up your experience.