Bhutan- The Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan- The Kingdom of Happiness


 Seeking for a little piece of happiness? Then it is time to explore the mighty Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, also famously known as the "Land of Happiness". With an awe-inspiring nature, a strong sense of spirituality and endless smiling faces of locals, Bhutan will definitely be a perfect destination for you.

So, it is time to grab your passport and pack your hiking gear. The happiest place in the world is calling your name!

What to expect!!

  • Towering picturesque landscapes decorated with snow-covered peaks
  • Majestic convents and monasteries
  • Traditional Buddhist culture
  • Spectacular dance performances
  • Local handicrafts and bustling markets
  • Exciting archery competitions

Where to stay…

If you are planning for a Bhutan tour then there are many budget hotels in Thimphu which will offer you a comfortable stay.

Let's go for an exciting Bhutan tour!!

 Tips for you to remember!!

Bhutan is a tiny country that has started to allow tourism so it can be tough to find information. Are you eager to plan a visit? Here are a few things you must know.

  • You cannot go on your own
  • If your shoes are off, do not take photos
  • Do not believe the weather forecasts
  • Bhutan is at a high altitude
  • Roads are winding and rough
  • Always pack long sleeves clothes
  • Bring cash

Welcoming visitors from all over the globe, Bhutan is the heart of the Himalayan kingdom!

Share your experiences below!

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