Everything you need to know before you reach Bhutan!

Everything you need to know before you reach Bhutan!


“To travel is to inspire people and also to be inspired by the unknown places.”

Perched in the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most stunning destinations. The travelers plan to take a tour due to its location, cost, and sightseeing places.

As the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation, Bhutan has a strong cultural heritage. This all sounds beautiful. Bhutan is not a typical holiday destination and you must take into consideration a few things before planning your trip to "The Last Shangri-La”.

Do let this Bhutan travel guide tell you what you should know before you go!

1. How costly can traveling to Bhutan be?

Traveling in Bhutan will cost you pretty much. The Bhutanese government imposes a minimum daily fee of $200 per person. However, before you decide that it is too expensive, search for a better deal to make your Bhutan tour budget-friendly.

2. Need a guide to travel!

Yes. It is not what an experienced traveler wants to hear but due to terms of traveling, you must be accompanied by a guide all the time. It will give you a positive experience as your guide will help to take you to places which you might not even know.

3. Visa process is straightforward!

While it is true that you need a visa to travel to Bhutan, obtaining this is easy. But in reality, you do not have to do anything since your tour operator will organize everything for you. You just have to send in your details and wait for a few days.

4. Travel Bhutan during masked dance festival!

Tshechus or masked dance festivals are an important part of Bhutanese culture. During these events, it is not uncommon to spot Bhutanese royalty in the crowd. These events happen frequently but it will cost you extra to include this in your trip.

5. When to go traveling to Bhutan!

Between October and December or from March to May are the best times to visit Bhutan.  The temperatures stay warm and pleasant with clear blue skies and minimum rainfall. Also,

•        June to September is humid and sticky with monsoons.

•        January and February are cold and snowfall can make hiking impossible.

6. The language of Bhutan!

The official language of Bhutan is Dzong which means Bhutanese. However, most people in the country speak English. You may be surprised since the remote or village areas can also communicate fluently in English with you.

7. Be sure to carry enough cash!

ATMs are not widely available in Bhutan and you will hardly see stores or restaurants accepting credit card payments. There are few ATMs in Thimphu, however, those will be broken or out of order. For a week some extra amount of money is enough!

8. Bhutanese food is spicy!

Traditionally, Bhutanese food is prepared with lots of fresh chilies and it is incredibly spicy! Many restaurants and hotels prepare a milder version of these dishes but if you want to try those in the authentic Bhutanese way then you can order.

Have you been to Bhutan? If not then know about these things before arranging your bags!

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