Six interesting things about Thimphu you have never heard of

Six interesting things about Thimphu you have never heard of


Want to know about the capital city of Bhutan? Then here is what you must know!

Bhutan's capital city, Thimphu is a must-visit destination for travellers who have been coming for the first time. But there are some things which you do not know other than just sightseeing!

Let's unbox the mystery of the capital city of Bhutan!

Here you can actually get the taste of what the modern city in Bhutan is like and see the difference between life here and life in other parts of the country.

For those who are curious about what this small Himalayan capital could possibly have, here are some interesting facts about the city!

1. Fifth highest capital city by height!

At an altitude of 2,334 meters, Thimphu is the fifth highest capital of Bhutan. It is the fifth highest city after few other cities of the world. You won't get altitude sickness here while walking uphill. Although, you might experience breathlessness here.

2. The largest city of Bhutan!

Situated in the western central part, Thimphu is one of the famous districts of Bhutan. However, Thimphu fails in huge cities while coming in comparison with other countries of the world. But in Bhutan, it is the largest city.

This brings us to the point of knowing about the population!

3. Political and Economic centre of Bhutan!

Being the main centre of commerce, religion and government in the country, Thimphu is where you will find the ministries and central government offices. The royal family lives in Thimphu too. What is extremely breathtaking is the Thimphu fortress which was constructed in the 13th century.

4. Home to the largest Buddha statue in the world!

Coming here as a tourist, this is a must attraction while you visit Thimphu. With the measurement of 51.5 m, the statue of Buddha sits in the mountain. Though it is made with gold and bronze, still when you look at it will not be just one Buddha. In fact, you will look at 125,000 more Buddhas.

Isn't that amazing?

5. You can café hop here!

Cafe-hopping culture has made its way to Bhutan's capital with a cluster of cafes here which are not just trendy but reliable too! One among them is the Ambient Cafe, which has crowds of tourists and locals both before continuing for shopping or sightseeing.

6. Home to one of the largest published books!

Preserved in the National Library of Bhutan, this book by Michael Hawley from US was considered to be one of the world's largest printed books.  It is listed in the Guinness World of Records. The measurement is five by seven feet and it weighs up to 60 kg.

Are you excited to travel to Thimphu on scrolling through these? If yes, then book your tickets now!

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