Ten Tips for Honeymoon Trip to Bhutan

Ten Tips for Honeymoon Trip to Bhutan


‘Make it a memory of a Lifetime’

Honeymoon is not just about spending time together, it's all about discovering each other from inside by enjoying the best time of life. After all the chaos of wedding and busy schedule finally, the time has come when you desperately want your privacy by getting lost somewhere in nature. Planning is always necessary before honeymoon because this is the time when choices of both the person matter a lot. Most of the time people rely on others in selecting the best destination for honeymoon but here we come out with some of the interesting tips needed for a honeymoon trip. Bhutan can be the place that takes you the level of comfort and satisfaction as Thimphu hotel booking is possible through online platforms.

Ten Tips that helps you to make your honeymoon amazingly beautiful


  • Make it as early as possible to get the best price

Thinking and planning are needed for making the honeymoon more interesting but don't waste too much time on thinking about the location. You must select the place according to choices for affordable hotel rates. Try to book your hotel before 6 – 7 months so that you can find a suitable room for a perfect honeymoon.


  • Take the decision together

You are not planning a solo trip so the choice of your partner really matters. Select a destination that is suitable for both of you so that you don’t come out with a regret at the end. Bhutan might be a better place for couples as it shares plenty of options to rejoice the best time.


  • Never select a destination by completely relying on others

Yes, it is obvious to share your trip plan with friends and family but never rely on others blindly. Choices matters from one person to another. Your friend and his wife might feel great by watching the sunset on sea beach but that doesn't mean that you two will enjoy the same. So, take the decision of your own.


  • Don’t trust web researches blindly

This generation is habituated with the digital world and all the time they start searching the solutions on the internet by trusting the search engine. Yeah, it's good to collect information through web research but all the time you might not get the right thing which you are actually looking for. Study the reviews and consult with a travel agent to find the destination for which you are dreaming for a long time. Thimphu hotel booking might be helpful for you to fix the problem.


  • Set the budget for your honeymoon

There is a difference between the real world and the reel world. So, every time you look into the films that the hero flies with his heroine just after the wedding and dancing in an exquisite destination is actually not practically possible. You need to set the budget first and plan accordingly so that you can fulfill all the desires in a peaceful manner.


  • Count some extra costs

Once your budget is fixed you might get ready for booking hotels and researching for best destinations but along with the budget, you must consider some hidden or extra costs with it. Honeymoon is not a business trip that all the time you will behave in a disciplinary manner. You might find something extraordinary in your trip like scuba diving, paragliding and so on which will slightly exceed your budget.


  • Try to balance your time

Mostly couple gets over excited about their honeymoon goals and starts making a long wish list. Adventure and excitement are necessary for sure but you must know to balance your timing. Staying relaxed and passing time together without doing any adventure is also necessary. Bhutan is situated in the foothills of Himalaya and might be the desired destination for you to redefine your love one more time with the balance. Thimphu hotel booking facilities are there to confirm your trip.


  • Go for perfect room location

It doesn't matter how much curious you are about enjoying the honeymoon outside but in the end, you need to come to your hotel room for spending the best time. Prefer a room that is located on the west side of the hotel because that helps you to enjoy the sunset by sitting on the balcony. Romance and exoticism are possible when you are in a suitable room.


  • Skip School Holidays

It sounds funny but someone very true because picking the time when the school holidays are going on might create disturbance to your honeymoon. Prefer to select the time when there are no school holidays going on. This tip will really help you out in making the honeymoon more enjoyable.


  • Share your updates on Social Media

You might not like sharing your private life on social media but updating the status will somehow help you to connect with more people. You might get some update or valid information about the particular destination which might help you in making the honeymoon best one.



It’s all about your personal choice and preferences that make you feel comfortable about your honeymoon trip. Bhutan is undoubtedly one of the best countries to find the pleasure and Thimphu hotel booking will make the trip comfortable enough for any couple who loves to spend some best time with nature.

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