When to Travel to Bhutan

When to Travel to Bhutan


Bhutan is a magnificent country which is exposing to rapid variation of climatic changes. Weather in Bhutan is so unpredictable!

So for not facing any problem during your trip to Bhutan, let’s know about it in details!

Bhutan, Land of Happiness, is the blessed countries to have seasonal variations. You can find distinct months of summer, winter, spring, and autumn that makes Bhutan magical destination. Perfect for travel in any season along with best hotels in Bhutan provide something unique to visitors. Either festivals or glimpses to the Himalayan peaks, flourishing Himalayan flora and fauna, or simply beautiful snowfall, Bhutan ensures you have a great time amidst nature.

So, Let’s Know About Bhutan’s Weather!

If you simply want to unwind the mystery of this enticing Himalayan Kingdom, you should know about the climatic changes of Bhutan.  

Bhutan has four seasons-

1.       Spring (March to May)

2.       Summer (June to August)

3.       Autumn (September to November)

4.       And winter (December to February).

So for your hassle-free trip, here we have mentioned about each season of Bhutan in details-

1.      Spring (March to May)

Temperature: The temperature in spring varies is from 3 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius approximately.

Weather: Spring is perhaps the best season to visit Bhutan, where the weather is dry & less humid and indulge in some trekking activities.

Significance: This is the time when the Jacaranda flowers are in full bloom.



Know before your visit: Being the ideal time to visit Bhutan, the place is filled with tourists during this time and flight tickets generally get sold out. So, do plan in advance if you intend to visit during spring.

Tips: Simply carry a camera, a hat, sunglasses and light clothes to enjoy the beauty of Bhutan.


2.      Summer (June to August)

Temperature: The temperature in Bhutan during this time is 24 and 25 degrees Celsius approximately.

Weather: The weather is often clear with mild humidity. Rain occurs very often here.

Significance: This season marks the onset of the Haa festival, which is celebrated amidst high altitude alpine forests, meadows, lakes and is usually the celebration of the Bhutanese way of life, local cuisines as well as the cultures.

Know before your visit: As mentioned in the above line, it can rain at this time of the season. However, the rainfall ranges from low to moderate not posing any threat to your tourism in Bhutan itinerary.

Tips: Carry light clothes to heavy winter garments and also carry raincoats for safety during heavy rainfall.


3.      Autumn (September to November)

Temperature: The average temperature of Bhutan during autumn varies between 10 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Weather is mildly sunny as well as chilly during this time, making it the second best season after spring to visit Bhutan.

Significance: During this time, festivals like the Black-Necked Crane Festival, Thimphu Tshechu etc. that happens in full swing.

Know before your visit: As it is the season of festivals, hotels are crowded and pre-booked with many visitors. So, plan in advance if you want to book accommodations as well as flights at good deals.

Tips: Carry lights clothes, adequate water, and all essential trekking amenities etc.



4.      Winter (December to February)

Temperature: Although the temperature in Bhutan varies from one region to another but remains in a particular range of 10 degrees to minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Weather: In the later weeks of January and early February, you can experience mild snowfall. Wow, right?

Significance: Winter is the season of Punakha Tshechu and the locals escape the winters in their regions to enjoy festivals.

Know before your visit: In the eastern and central regions of Bhutan, the climate can get adverse due to heavy snowfall, disrupting every day’s transportation.

Tips: Carry heavy winter garments, SPF creams, sunglasses, thermals, adequate water, woolen socks, and gloves to tackle chilly weather of Bhutan.

 You can see every month has its own specialty to explore Bhutan. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags to witness the breathtaking glory of Bhutan!

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